5 Lessons I’ve Learnt From Facing My Fears And Practising My Social Skills

Having poor social skills sucks. It’s even worse when it stems from social anxiety.

Take it from someone who has struggled with this their entire life.

From not knowing what to say during conversations to missing social cues, I’m familiar with the ways inwhich poor social skills can affect one’s ability to communicate.

I’m also quite familiar with how poor social skills lead to missed opportunities and limit one’s quality of life.

It is for this reason I resolved to take steps to improve my social skills…

I’m pretty excited to share my story with you because I thought I didn’t have anything interesting to share at first. It was only after I sat down to read the stories of some other writers in this publication that I realised there was a lot I could share. Hope you find my story interesting.

Who am I?

My name is Samuel Okoruwa (pronounced oh-koh-ru-wah, hope I’ve able to clear any confusion). I am a Nigerian content writer and first-year Computer Science student. I work for Connect Nigeria, an online information portal that offers content exclusive to Nigeria. …

The moments after a relapse are often filled with regret, shame, and guilt. This is expected, but dwelling on these emotions for too long can set you back and elongate the road to recovery.

But how do you get over these feelings and quickly take the part to recovery after a relapse? The first step to solving a problem is identifying the factors that have led to that problem.

Identifying the unhelpful habits that cause us to relapse will be easier to take the necessary steps to ensure a successful recovery and prevent a future relapse.

I show you some…

Photo by Christian Erfurt on Unsplash

You have 30 minutes to be at an event.

Your heart is pounding heavily against your chest. Palms sweaty. Stomach tight. Hands trembling. You can’t think clearly and wish you didn’t have to go, but this time it’s different. You promised your friend you’d be at the party and you’ve given too many excuses in the past.

What do you do in such a situation?

Social anxiety is not something you can just get over. And as much as we would like it to be so, it’s not “just in our head”.

But how do we navigate a situation where…

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

Social anxiety is one of those disorders that leave you wondering whether you’ll ever be free from it.

As someone who has struggled with social anxiety for as long as I can remember, I know how pessimistic it can make you.

There have been countless times I couldn’t imagine being completely at ease in public or initiating small talk with a stranger. These thoughts wouldn’t even cross my mind.

When I eventually worked on my mindset and started taking steps to overcome social anxiety, I couldn’t believe what I started accomplishing.

Being able to join an ongoing conversation or crack…

Image by <a href=”https://pixabay.com/photos/?utm_source=link-attribution&amp;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_campaign=image&amp;utm_content=336378">Free-Photos</a> from <a href=”https://pixabay.com/?utm_source=link-attribution&amp;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_campaign=image&amp;utm_content=336378">Pixabay</a>

The teacher inspected the classroom thoroughly. “Five more minutes!”

Sam’s grip on his pencil tightened, as he wrote with enthusiasm. He was excited, yet nervous. On the one hand, he had a flair for writing. And this task was the first chance he had gotten to stand out since he joined his new high school. On the other hand, he didn’t know if his short narrative essay would impress his teacher.

“Get ready to submit!” The teacher’s voice shot through the classroom.

A slight smile formed around Sam’s mouth, as he wrote the conclusion for his essay. He was happy…

Samuel Okoruwa

Freelance writer for hire - self improvement and content marketing. Owner of Quillverse. Get in touch via jayokoruwa5@gmail.com.

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